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What do you think of when you think of adventure? It doesn't have to be a faraway place. It can be experiencing your home in a wholly present way together, seeing things you haven't noticed for months or maybe ever. Adventure means to expect the unexpected. During our time together, no matter what happens, I will capture the emotional and ephemeral moments unique to you and your family.  Whether we adventure somewhere  together or explore the intimacy of your own home, I want to capture the truest versions of you.

My approach is comfortable and relaxed. Sessions are a bit longer than a typical session so that we have time to settle in with each other, to walk slowly, for kiddos to run wild or pause for a break—and to settle into the spirit and the energy of the place. I always arrive with sketches of a plan, but perhaps more importantly—an intention for the day to unravel a plan of its own. It becomes a magical story of the lens when I become fully present to the moment and capture the inevitable details that unfold when playful curiosity meets the vastness of the outdoors or the intimate spaces of your home. 


In order for me to create images you will love I will need you to trust, to soften and to do your best to let go of your idea of how it is supposed to be.  I will guide you, but I also allow space for the unfolding - that is truly where the magic lives. The dirty hands and dirty feet, windblown hair, the giggles and silly moments, the impromptu walk in the other direction, the imperfect— the everyday magic that tells the stories of our lives. Your willingness to be in that space with me - this is how it comes together.  Often, it’s the fleeting moments between our ideas of how we’re supposed to look or act that we most want to reflect upon and remember. While there’s a responsibility to deliver a quality set of images, there’s a draw beyond the poses. We yearn to see in a photo the depths of ourselves and our loved ones. We crave expression and vulnerability as humans. This is the art of the story. 


"Natalie is a true gem. Our evening together was wonderful and her work is stunning. She highlights the profound beauty of the simple and authentic in both humans and nature. Seeing the beautiful family moments I feel as a mama captured visually, is nothing short of magic and I'm beyond grateful to have them." - Nina

‘We were so lucky to find Natalie! She’s an amazing photographer in more ways than one. She truly listened to my vision for our fall family photo shoot and talked through all the details to make it perfect. Natalie provided us with multiple location options and every single one was magical! But the location we ultimately utilized was amazingly beautiful. Pristine apple orchards and a view of Mt Hood I still can’t believe. An additional surprise was the ability to have her brother Robert (also a photographer) shoot with her. It was an incredible opportunity to receive 2 perspectives.  I wanted anything but a traditional posed point and shoot and Natalie delivered. The photos tell such a sweet story from apple picking to an elegant intimate picnic and they are stunning!! She led us through in such a comfortable way, the whole time was so much fun. We now have a portfolio of beautiful photos to share and treasure forever. I cannot wait to have Natalie photograph our family again!!’  -Liz

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