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 I had the best time spending a full afternoon and evening with this beautiful family. We had plenty of time to settle into a rhythm that felt natural and relaxed. When I think back on our time together I just want to go hang out with them again! We spent time inside doing puzzles, drinking tea and running a little wild. Outside, they showed me their chickens and tricks on their trampoline. It was a crisp winter day, but that didn't stop these true Pacific Northwest kiddos from running around barefoot....a sure way to find a special place in my heart. After a snack we took a sunset bike ride to the pear orchard down the street. What a beatiful sight to see them all piled together onto their two family bikes! We ended the day with a warm bubble bath, snuggles, a movie and some time for mom and dad on the deck. What a gift to document a little piece of their lives and to get a glimpse into their days. The mess, the chaos, the wild, the beauty…these moments are so fleeting. My hope, always, is that the photos I create together with my clients will take them back in time ✨

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