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When my life gets busy, when the days become full, I've learned to offer myself connection with those who can

guide me back to myself and the time to focus on the things that make my heart light up. 


Time and support are two of the hardest things to give ourselves.


But dedicated space on the calendar for inspiration and the support of a companion who understands what it means

to maintain an enjoyable creative process and run a profitable business at the same time?


That's your ticket out of a creative rut and back into the light soaked, heart filled images you want to be making. This need for time

and desire for support are at the core of my inspiration for mentoring sessions.

While I'm certainly a listen to the call of my own heart kind of person, my desire to keep creating outside of the box is something that's both strengthened andmaintained by the relationships in my life.

My out of the box thinking goes beyond the edges of my personality, beyond my art practice, beyond even the photos I create with my clients. It extends into the very fiber of my existence.


My family. My mentors. My mentees. My clients. We offer each other this energy of renewal. We remind each other what it is to continue with our work.

I have spent my entire life cultivating my creativity. I imagine you have, too, in your own ways.


Creativity in thinking. Creativity in living. A reliance on intention and imagination. A rooted desire to build the life I imagine.

My mentorships are a reflection of this way of living.



90 minute  virtual session. $500

Personalized mentoring to answer any questions you have - finding your niche, portfolio review, working with clients, pricing, attracting your ideal client. Nothing is off the table. 

Optional editing focus: Are you curious about how I edit my images? You can send over a collection of images that I’ll edit for your via screen share to show you how / what I use in Lightroom to achieve a seamless edit on every image.


In-person. 3.5 hours.  $1200

Take a deep dive into refining your craft. We will meet at my home, your home or a coffee shop. With plenty of time to settle in and get to know each other I will answer any questions you have  to help you create work you are excited about and inspired by - finding your niche, portfolio review, working with clients, pricing, attracting your ideal client, editing. Nothing is off the table. 


In-person. 7 hours.  $2300

I love this type of mentoring session! It gives us plenty of time to dive into the heart of your work. We cover everything I go over in the 3.5 hour session + we will do a live shoot together.  

We go over lighting, directing your subject in a way that allows space for organic and natural moments, creating an adventure and experience for your clients, co-creating and inviting your clients to create a vision together.

You will have a chance to observe and see the process of allowing the story to unfold while creating space for the subjects to be comfortable and settle in. You will be shooting alongside me the entire time. 

Add on: Add a friend to join you! $2800

A mentorship with me is…


- an invitation into growth, into possibility, into sustainable practice, into delighting in the art of this work. 


- about encouraging you in your bravery to color outside of the lines.


- in service to you recognizing the something bright, brilliant, and deliciously bold already inside of you - ready to make its way into the world.


I didn't build this life through a one-size-fits-all formula, and in my mentorships, that's not what I teach. I don't offer a “this worked for me, it will work for you” approach.


Instead, I know how to ask the questions to lead you back to yourself. 

I know how to gather the breadcrumbs of your story.

I know how to support you in finding your way to your biggest, brightest ideas.

Together, we can uncover the nuances of your most sustainable workflow, your generative energies, your brightest creative sparks.

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