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This family contacted me to document a glimpse of their life living in a yurt and close to the land before they moved just a few days later. This whole session was a dream….with the gorgeous trees, dirt, bare feet and wild and free kiddos.
Here are some words from Megan, the mama. I started my page to share about simple living and how much joy it has brought our family. We are still a work in progress as both Julio and I still tend to take on too much and always strive to do more. However we are working on balance and focusing on the things that really matter in life.
We lived in this 24’ yurt on 80 acres for 3.5 years and it was a life changing experience. We learned so much about ourselves. We paid off a lot of debt in the process and had the land been ours we definitely would have stayed. Alas, the yurt was ours, but we were renting the land and after 3.5 years we decided to buy a place of our own. 
Last month we moved into a small house in a neighborhood and as nice as the novelty of a house is, we miss the freedom of land and space a LOT. Our goal is to eventually get land of our own with a simple home, be mortgage free and live as close to 100% off our land as possible. 
They are also a homeschool family in the beginning of their third year. You can follow along on their journey on Instagram at @the_simple_simple 

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