Promise to stay wild with me. We'll seek and return and stay to find beauty and the extraordinary in all the spaces we can claim. We'll know how to live. How to breathe magic into the mundane. - Victoria Erickson

Natalie Gildersleeve Photography

Family storytelling photographer in Portland, OR.

The pictures we hold most dear are the ones that tell the stories of our lives. They’re the ones that linger in our mind’s eye and whisper truths to our hearts. We return to these pictures, over and over again, because there’s something precious we want to remember...


There — in that look between smiles!

And there — in the ease after the pose.


Often, it’s the fleeting moments between our ideas of how we’re supposed to look or act that we most want to remember.



I consider myself a forever-student of life and I have always loved watching and observing people... catching the little details, the half-smiles, the simple gestures. Becoming a mama made me even more aware of how precious the little details are and how deeply I desire to revisit particular times and feelings. And, my desire to document that I was there too!

Our days are filled with the ways we adventure and discover together. I find magic in the simple moments, in connection with each other and our sacred earth. Photography has always been a journey into the deepest parts of my own heart and a way of being in relationship with myself, nature and people -the beauty, the pain, the hope and the joy of this being human. To capture even a glimmer of how temporary, and infinite, and beautiful and mysterious this all is is what keeps me picking up my camera.

I would be honored to help present you with a beautiful glimpse of your own precious life.

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