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I consider myself a forever-student of life and have fallen in love with observing people living life together... catching the little details, the half-smiles, the simple gestures. Becoming a mama made me even more aware of how precious the little details are and how deeply I desire to revisit particular times and feelings. 

With a camera in hand, I became a new sort of student and began documenting my kids’ lives and our adventures together. My kids and my creative vision began to swirl into new observations and a new way of creating. It felt like pure magic to capture the precious moments of their days and to have them become the greatest muses of my photographic practice! They helped me recognize observation itself as an art form— being present, feeling deeply, noticing subtleties, flowing with what is. 


While I arrive to my sessions knowing that my aim is to tell a story with certain elements I want to capture, I lean into the vast unknown that comes with every session.  I cultivate space for the imperfect, and then have my camera ready. Within the “between” spaces, we breathe. When we breathe, we can move. And when we move, we can connect. It's on this premise, as artists, we can arrive knowing that each session is both a teacher and a gift-- one of expression and connection unique to this setting, these people, and this moment.  The practice of presence harmonizes with the prep work of intention and a story unravels in photos unlike any other. This is the art of photographic storytelling. 

For me, it is about seeing the real, the beautiful, and the messy moments, the everyday magic that tells the stories of our lives. This way of seeing is how I see my friends and family, and it's how I strive to see everyone,  including your friends and your family....Including you!


I would be honored to help present you with a beautiful glimpse of your own precious life. 

it is a serious thing // just to be alive / on this fresh morning / in this broken world. ~Mary Oliver

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