I consider myself a forever-student of life and I have always loved watching and observing people... catching the little details, the half-smiles, the simple gestures. Becoming a mama made me even more aware of how precious the little details are and how deeply I desire to revisit particular times and feelings. 

With a camera in hand, I became a new sort of student and began documenting my kids’ lives and our adventures together. My kids and my creative vision began to swirl into new observations and a new way of creating. It felt like pure magic to capture the precious moments of their days and to have them become the greatest muses of my photographic practice! They helped me recognize observation itself as an art form— being present, feeling deeply, noticing subtleties, flowing with what is. It’s pure magic: being with my kids, with my camera, with my creativity! It all feels like home. 


On a recent shoot, we showed up to gloomy skies and a chill in the air. But still, the beautiful mama and her young boy said yes to seeing what happened and what we discovered along the way.  Just as we made our way to the top of the hill it started pouring. We found shelter under a large tree, ate a snack and when the storm passed we were greeted with not one, but three rainbows! A bald eagle swooped by to say hello and we saw hawks and all sorts of other little critters. We had a good little jaunt around the bluff and as the sun set, they snuggled up so effortlessly on their blanket, just the type of Savasana I hope to welcome into all of my sessions. So often the obstacle is the way and leads us deeper into that place of ease. It might be the mountain we climb, the river we cross, or the messy room in your home with the most beautiful light. 

This is what photography is all about for me: seeing others, as they are, through my creative lens. It's about seeing the real, the beautiful, and the messy moments, the everyday magic that tells the stories of our lives. This way of seeing is how I see my friends and family, and it's how I strive to see everyone,  including your friends and your family....Including you!


I would be honored to help present you with a beautiful glimpse of your own precious life. 

it is a serious thing // just to be alive / on this fresh morning / in this broken world. ~Mary Oliver